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We have an extensive range of wood flooring available to order at a range of prices to suit everyone.

Engineered wood comes in all sorts of grades, thicknesses and finishes.

Pop into our showroom to see our full range of samples


Engineered and Solid Wood Flooring

Tumbled Parquet

Things to consider when choosing your plank:

  • The thickness of the board - Thicker boards tend to have more stability but you may opt for something thinner if you're having under floor heating or depending on the depth your space allows

  • Width of the plank - This is primarily a design point. However, cost may also be a consideration, wider boards tend to need a larger budget.

  • Grade of plank - AB grade is clean and more plain with minimal knots showing. CD is more rustic looking with lots of knots. Or ABCD is a varied grade which creates a natural feel.

  • Finish - planks come either prefinished or unfinished. Prefinished boards can be more straight forward and cost effective to fit. However, you can have more freedom on design if you choose a bespoke plank and finish combination. Depending on practicalities and aesthetic planks can be stained, oiled or lacquered.

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